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    Suggestions for the site..

    Suggestions Campeonatos Pirâmides, Stairways etc..


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    Country Analysis

    This page is accessible from the Play..World Pyramid.

    This is a new Tournament format which involves a maximum of two current games at any one time, with a time limit of 5 days a move. The Pyramid Tournament is similar, in principle, to the 'ladder' system. You challenge players who are on your own Level or on the next Level above you. Game challenges sent to you will be automatically accepted by the system. The same applies to any challenges you make. The aim is to beat your opponent(s) with the aim of climbing the pyramid.

    The advantage of this type of tournament is the minimal game load. In addition there can be a lot of Community feel in terms of the number of enrollments - just like an Over-the-Board Tournament with many players involved. The Pyramid also highlights a great source of relatively fast moving players for you to challenge. For the individual player there is an increasing challenge to climb to the highest Levels of the pyramid.

    The Pyramid challenge rules are:

    All cases.
    You can only challenge someone who is on the same Level as you, or is one Level above you.
    You cannot drop below Level One.
    The Levels are assessed at the *END* of the game.
    The Challenge games are, by default, 5 days a move and are rated.

    Win cases.
    If the person is on the same Level as you, you go up by one Level.
    If the person is one Level above you, you go up by one Level.
    If the person is two or more Levels above you, you go up by two Levels.
    If the person is on a Level below you, you stay where you are.

    Draw cases.
    If the person is on the same Level as you, you stay where you are.
    If the person is one Level above you, you stay where you are.
    If the person is two or more Levels above you, you go up one Level.
    If the person is one Level below you, you stay where you are.
    If the person is two or more Levels below you, you go down one Level.

    Loss cases.
    If the person is on the same Level, or one Level below you, you go down one Level.
    If the person is one Level above you go down by one Level.
    If the person is on more than one Level above you, you stay at the same Level.
    If the person is on more than one Level below you, you go down by two Levels.

    To leave a Pyramid, you need to first end any games you have currently in it - e.g. resigning if necessary from a game (Less than 10 half moves will not count for rating anyway). Then you need to go the Team homepage for the team hosting the pyramid tournament and use the Leave Team link. Please note: You would have to restart on Level 1 if you later rejoin the pyramid.

    Chess Ladder Rules:
    Chess Ladder is a form of competition where each player is assigned a position (rank). A lower number means higher rank on the ladder (better position).
    The goal of the competition is to move up the Ladder, ultimately to the #1 position (highest rank). Players move up the Ladder (i.e. improve their rank) by winning Ladder games. Players move down the Ladder (i.e. lose their rank) when they lose Ladder games, and when other players move up the Ladder ahead of them.
    To start a Ladder game, access the Ladder table via the link above and then click "Play!" next to the player you'd like to challenge.
    Players can limit the max number of simultaneous Ladder games they are playing (but no less than 5 games). If the number of active Ladder games exceeds the player's limit, they cannot be challenged to a new Ladder game (temporarily), however they can still initiate a new Ladder challenge. Players with a vacation flag set for the their account cannot be challenged to a new Ladder game (temporarily).
    After each Ladder game has ended, both players are assigned new positions on the Ladder, depending on their current positions, and the result of the game:
    If the winning player has a lower rank than the losing player, they are moved up half the distance between their position and the losing player's position. The losing player is moved one position down. (For example, if the winning player was 10th and the losing player was 4th on the ladder, their new positions will be 7th ((10+4)/2) and 5th (4+1) after the game)
    If the winning player is directly below the losing player, their positions are swapped. (i.e. the winning player is moved one position up, and the losing player — one position down)
    If the winning player has the higher position, they are moved one position up and the losing player is moved one position down.
    In case of a draw, the player with the lower position is moved up by one and the other player keeps their current position. If the players are next to each other in the ladder, their positions remain unchanged.
    If one of the opponents is no longer participating in the Ladder at the time game ends, the other player is moved one position up in case of a win or one position down in case of a loss (position remains unchanged in case of a draw).
    A player can lose their rank (i.e. move down the Chess Ladder) between completing their games, due to other players moving up the ladder after winning their games (i.e. moving up in front of the player).
    When joining a Ladder, the player is placed at the last position (i.e. lowest rank).
    Players can only challenge other players on the Ladder if their positions are within 1/10th of the total Ladder ranks. (For example, if there are currently 730 players in the Ladder, you can only challenge players within 73 positions above/below your own)
    Ladder challenges cannot be declined, and Ladder games cannot be cancelled.
    When challenging another player to a Ladder game, the player who started the game will play Black, the defending player will play White.
    Players are automatically removed from the Chess Ladder if they time out in 3 Ladder games within one month (to avoid further losses since ladder challenges cannot be declined).
    If you retire from the Ladder, you will need to finish all your currently active ladder games, before you are able to re-join the Chess Ladder.

  4. Yotta

    Sep 26 Administrator

    I like your ideas SuperiorSpecial, and it is about time that a new tournament type is added to ChessConquest.

    Both the tournament types sounds exciting and loads of fun, and I have to admit that I like the idea of the ladder tournaments slightly more.

    It is definitely possible to implemented both tournament types (and we'll probably do that in time), but I'm curious... what tournament type would other players like to see on ChessConquest first, Pyramid or Ladder?

  5. This is only ideas of games that gave right in dozens of webs chess correspondence that I visit.. the most famous are clear. He/she doesn't want to say that they put that, excuse am translating for a translator online.

    They can change some rules of some of them.. Para to play in the African continent.

    The pyramid played some years.. AND it was difficult to drop me of the top. They joined the best players of the web wrote at the forum the best plays to see if they won me, because they didn't expire and the tie I favored. It was a confusion, I Found wrong that, all against a.. I Released the game and I left that you/they expired for the time.. But it was entertaining.

  6. How about some Blitz and Rapid chess, possibly with their own ratings different from the correspondence ratings?

    Also some team tournament matches like in the world chess Olympiad, probably organized in a league format, Swiss, or even knock out.

    There is yet another type of team game called Vote Chess; One board for a team against another team. Everyone in a particular team gets to discuss their current position, and then vote for the best move. The move that gets the highest amount of votes is the one that will be accepted and played by the interface in the next turn. It's quite interactive, and the discussions can really be interesting too. The members of the other team won't be seeing the discussions of your own team, and vice versa.

    I'm also thinking about kibitzing chess, where people can be discussing an ongoing games, probably using a column right beat the particular board, and of course their comments will remain hidden from the very players making the moves of the game until the game is over then all the past kibitzing will become visible to them too, and they may join as well in the After-Game analysis.

  7. Yotta

    Sep 27 Administrator
    Edited 4 years ago by Yotta

    Chinchin120 Also some team tournament matches like in the world chess Olympiad, probably organized in a league format, Swiss, or even knock out.

    Like all your ideas Chinchin, and are capturing them in the development task tracking system. One idea I've also pondered with since the inception of ChessConquest, is the idea of CLANGS.

    Basically, any person can start their own clang and become a clang leader. They then need to convince other players to join their clang. Once the clang is established, the leader can challenge other clangs for a position in the Clang rankings.

  8. tallfred

    Sep 27 Moderator

    In principle I like the ladder idea best. My concern is that inactive players would be gradually sent to the bottom, forcing new players to spend some time having to wait for defaults to finish before starting a new game. This would be very discouraging to new players at the very time that you want them to get excited about the concept. There has to be a mechanism for dealing with inactive players.

    That said, it is true of the other proposals as well.

    BTW is it possible to remove inactive players from the current rankings?

  9. Yotta

    Sep 28 Administrator

    What about a rule, that if a player does not complete a ladder game in x amount of time, then he/she is completely removed from the ladder and will have to start from the bottom again?

    I've started work on removing inactive players from the rankings, but hit a road block. Due to the design of the software and the database it turns out to be a more complicated change than what it looks like on the surface. The problem is compounded by the fact that it is a live system that needs changing, and that makes database changes more tricky.

    I am however evaluating ways to get this feature in, since it is a request that many players are asking for.

  10. tallfred

    Sep 28 Moderator

    My suggestion about the inactive players is NOT to delete them. After all it would be great to see them return. Besides, deleting them would create gaps in the tournament records. Why not Just mark them as provisional or simply not put them onto any rankings list? They would exist, anyone can see their record, they just don't show on the rankings.

    Does that make sense?

  11. Oh dear...deleting them may rather look harsh, because should they come active again in future, I wonder what will be going on in their heads concerning their past efforts that has somehow disappeared.
    Perhaps creating two ranking lists may solve the puzzle; one for the active players, and the other for the inactive players. So whenever someone becomes inactive for a given number of days, his account will simply disappear from the active list and appear in the inactive list. Well, should they become active again in future, the process simply reverses itself...just an idea.

  12. Hello!

    OK, I agree with all suggestions, but the developing time is one of limiting factors.

    So, I would like to see some new reports:

    I want to see all the parties that I have played against somebody, Tallfred eg.

    I remember I played dragon variant and lost, I want to see how and why, but I can not find a suitable match.

    Looking at how the tournament was played some and I want to see a game in which the final one beat someone, how do I find this game?

    Also, I would like to see using FEN/PGN code in searching appropriate game. But, I know, time is limited. Maybe some of this ideas is not time consumable.

    Tihomir Benko.

  13. And one little thing: I would like to see on which unfinished tournament I participate and currently do not play any game.


  14. Yotta

    Sep 30 Administrator

    tallfred My suggestion about the inactive players is NOT to delete them.

    Ok, probably not my best idea then ;-) Perhaps when I get to the development of the ladder, I will just build it without over-thinking the active-inactive players issue at first, just to get a basic ladder in place. One can always refine it at a later stage.

  15. Yotta

    Sep 30 Administrator
    Edited 4 years ago by Yotta

    tih Hello!

    OK, I agree with all suggestions, but the developing time is one of limiting factors.

    So, I would like to see some new reports:

    Hey Tih.

    Developing time is definitely a factor, but I've recently installed a decent tracking system to log all feature requests. This way it is easy to prioritize all the requests, and get to each one as time permits.

    I've logged your requests for new reports. You are correct in inferring that reports are easier to add, and could help a lot to enhance the player experience. The following report requests are logged in the tracking system:

    • Game history with filter (e.g. opponent, win/loss/draw, white/black, etc...)
    • Personal tournament report

    There are already libraries for compiling FEN and PGN data from games, so it will be easy to add those to the reports.

    Thanks for the great ideas Tih.

  16. Suggestions: It may be for the future ...

    On Tue player profile, virtual trophies for tournaments won .. Having standards master, sm and Gm the server ..

    Thematic tournaments with rating itself without mixing with the overall rating.

    Some games or tournaments Chess 960.

    Receive email played by drawing or writing opposing the move.

  17. Yotta

    Oct 1 Administrator

    Chess 960 is also something I'd like to see on ChessConquest.

    I've added your requests to the tracking system SuperiorSpecial.

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