Vasyl Puzanov joins ChessConquest as administator

  1. 4 months ago


    Oct 20 Administrator
    Edited 2 weeks ago by Yotta

    I would like to welcome Vasyl Puzanov as a new ChessConquest administrator.

    Vasyl and myself have been in discussions during the past few weeks about how we could possibly improve ChessConquest.

    A few of the immediate things we are working on includes:

    1. A new user interface that is compatible with mobile devices (e.g. phones and tablets).
    2. An improved ChessConquest engine that will dramatically improve the website speed.
    3. We will be switching to the Elo rating system.
    4. Round-robin tournaments instead of knock-out tournaments.

    Note that when we do migrate to the new improved ChessConquest website, we will be re-calculating all the ratings from scratch, using the Elo rating system. This could result in your rating changing from what it is currently.

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