1. 4 years ago


    Sep 11 Moderator

    I love milestones because that is a time to stop and savour achievement.

    That is why I was amazed to learn that already the number of tournaments completed has recently gone over the hundred mark!

    Thank you Yotta: you are doing an amazing job. May there be many more games played here, and lots more tournaments completed.

  2. Yotta

    Sep 12 Administrator
    Edited 4 years ago by Yotta

    Thanks Tallfred. 100+ tournaments is certainly a great milestone for the ChessConquest community.

    You might have noticed that the frequency of tournaments were reduced the past couple of months. When there are too many tournaments on top of each other, players become overwhelmed very quickly with too many games.

    Since we reduced the number of tournaments, the amount of players that enters per tournament increased significantly.

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